Gopher Tortoise Services, Inc  
Gopher Tortoise Services, Inc. provides Consultants, Developers, Land Managers and Individuals of sites affected by the presence of the gopher tortoise with cost effective solutions, that minimize impacts on development projects while maximizing the conservation and long term survival needs of the gopher tortoise and burrow commensals.
  Complete Gopher Tortoise Agent Services Available Statewide.  
Gopher Tortoise Services, Inc. offers complete gopher tortoise survey and relocation services. We are committed to ensuring our clients receive the most thorough, professional cost effective gopher tortoise services as possible to protect gopher tortoises and commensal species throughout Florida!

The gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) is one of several protected species commonly encountered during land development.

In September 2007  the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) up-listed the gopher tortoise to a state threatened species and state regulations regarding gopher tortoises changed. As part of this uplisting, the FWC approved a gopher tortoise management plan that requires the relocation of gopher tortoises to protected lands by certified individuals. These individuals (gopher tortoise agents) must be certified to conduct tortoise surveys and vegetation assessments, complete permit applications for relocations and recipient sites, relocate tortoises by hand capture, backhoe excavation, trapping, or modified pulling rods, perform transport mark and release of tortoises or collect blood samples
  We have qualified certified agents and offer full-service solutions for all your gopher tortoise permitting and relocation needs.  
  Gopher Tortoise Permitting & Relocation  
  Whether your project requires a 10 or fewer burrow permit, conservation permit, temporary exclusion permit, or even if you are considering creating a gopher tortoise conservation bank we can serve all your relocation needs.  
  Gopher Tortoise Services We Provide Statewide Include-  
  • Pre-Purchase Site Evaluations
  • Gopher Tortoise Surveys
  • Population Density Calculations
  • Suitable Habitat Determinations
  • GIS Mapping
  • Permit Application Preparation & Submittal
  • Captures by- Hand, Shovel, Trapping, Backhoe Excavation and Modified Pulling Rod
  • Upper Respiratory Tract Disease Testing
  • Tortoise Measurements & Data Recording
  • Marking and Transporting
  • Post-Relocation reports & Follow-up
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